Granada Hotel

Wellness center

If you would like to relax and forget the stress, come and try out the wellness centre of Hotel Granada which is about 300 m2. It is waiting for you with sauna world and swimming pool too.

It is a fantastic piece of experience and pampering, here your dreams will come true.

If your inner harmony is not stable, you have stress every day then it will have consequences soon. Our wellness centre will help you to find the balance feel strong and confident again.

We have professional masseurs who will help you to be fresh physically and mentally as well.

Relaxing massages for not just hotel guests

  • Refreshing massage – based on the Swedish massage , it loosen the muscles

    30-60 minutes

  • Back massage – loosening the muscles of back (especially for those who sits all day)

    30 min

  • Realy face massage – soft and slow movements on face, it makes you feel more relaxed. It is good for energy giving too.

    30 min.

  • It is a kind of acupuncture but without needles , it is point pressuring.

    60 min.

  • A

    It is wotking with the curing effect of honey

    30 and 60 min.


Sauna world

Sauna World helps you forget every day troubles  with Finnish and Infra saunas.

What else you can find here: steam bath, salt canin, fun shower, cold water pool, Kneipp-foot, heated bench.

  • 100% humidity, 40Celsius – its a good way of relaxing every season
  • It comes from the far North. It is the most popular kind. 95 Celsius is good to our mind & body.
  • Infra rays make the immune system stronger. Temperature: 50 Celsius
  • Inhaling the salty air, your respiratory tracks will become cleaner. It has no bad effects for human body.


General information

Dear Guests!

You are welcome to Hotel Granada Sauna World. Let us inform you about some general rules:

  • Use shower before enter the sauna
  • Put sauna towel on the wood so that you can sit on it with your whole body.
  • Leave your slippers outside the sauna, do not sit on the bench with slippers.
  • Do not disturb relaxing people with loud talk and using cell phones
  • Do not use mobile phones in sauna world
  • You mustn’t use Sauna world if you are ill – high temperature, any kind of infective or skin disease.
  • You mustn’t use Sauna World if you are drunk or use drugs
  • Using sauna is not allowed for children under 14.


The packages below are free for hotel guests
Staying in wellness centre for 4 hours 3.000 Ft / person
Staying in wellness centre for all day4.000 Ft / person
Four-hour staying with a standard room11.900 Ft
All-day staying with a standard room14.900 Ft

Time fixing is needed.