Conference, training, team building, business meeting
The Granada Conference, Wellness and Sport Hotel **** offers mainly MICE market participants alternative business and leisure opportunities, but wellness and active tourism enthusiasts also can find their needs here!
Our goal is for our guests to come home with an unforgettable experience, filled with new energy! Whether it’s an international conference, business meeting, team building training, exclusive dinner, wedding, we strive to make the perfect event!
Event halls
Devotion and hospitality

The spirit and atmosphere of the place and the professional technical conditions all contribute to making the most important professional events truly fulfill their mission, providing a long-term experience for our partners. The numerous cultural, sporting and leisure activities, the tranquil natural environment and the unique hospitality guarantee the success of the events. The flexible conference team and the professional services of the hotel make the event an unforgettable experience.

Work and rest

Our hotel will do its best to ensure that work and relaxation are in perfect harmony during your time here. There’s nothing better than splashing in one of the pools in our wellness section after a busy meeting or have a nice rest in our sauna.

And our rooms are equipped with all the amenities needed to get everyone fully charged fior the next day.


Ask for our offer now and our colleagues will help you to enjoy your time with the best possible conditions and the best service.

Wedding in Granada

One of the most exciting times in every couple’s life is organizing a wedding. Everyone wants the Big Day to truly be what they dream of! Therefore, our team is working hard to make the dream a reality!

The fabulous surrounding of our hotel is ideal place to hold civil or even church ceremonies. And our various halls guarantee that the fun will be perfect for any bridal party. Our kitchen is ready for every need, whether it’s a traditional wedding dinner or modern flavors! Check out the All Inclusive Wedding Package, which not only makes it easier to organize but also saves you money.

All Inclusive Csomag

Ask for our unique offer today and our colleagues will design the construction that best suits your needs to make your wedding truly fabulous!


Kalkulálja ki csomagajánlatát és foglalja le pihenését az önnek legmegfelelőbb kondíciókkal mindössze néhány perc alatt!


Kérje egyedi ajánlatunkat egyszerűen néhány kattintással és kollégáink 24 órán belül elkészítik az Önnek személyre szabott árajánlatunkat!


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184 értékelés alapján 7.7/10


51 értékelés alapján 4/5


82 értékelés alapján 4.3/5


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