The perfect wedding venue in the heart of the Alföld!

If you are looking for a wedding venue, Granada Hotel is the best choice. With 12 years of experience and hundreds of weddings behind us, our hotel is waiting for young couples looking for the best.

The All Inclusive package is designed to address most of your wedding venue issues. And our “honeymoon gifts” included in the package ensure that wedding expenses are kept to a minimum without having to miss anything.

Beautiful environment

Our wonderful park is a true paradise and a guarantee that the ceremony is truly a fairy tale.

And our magical chapel provide a place not only for the civic but also the ecclesiastical oath.


Based on the number of wedding guests, there are various air-conditioned rooms for 30-200 people.

Wedding menu

Our dinner selection is extremely diverse, so you will surely find the perfect meal for the Big Day. We give you some popular option, but of change them to create a menu that is  best for you!

Ask for our latest wedding menu offer!

All Inclusive Package

Our hotel offers you the following wedding gifts in the ALL INCLUSIVE package, which includes unlimited drinks.

For weddings with less than 60 people, maximum two gift can be selected from this list!

Above 120 people, one of the following options is available:

More info and reservation:

Get your offer!

Ask for our unique offer with just a few clicks and our colleagues will send your personalized price offer within 24 hours!


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Based on 184 review  7.7/10


Based on 51 review  4/5


Based on 82 review  4.3/5


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