Every drop is an experience

If you like to recherge, if you are looking for a place where bathing is a spiritual experience, then our wellness area is a place for you. You will find one of our services that provides uplifting and special moments of relaxation. 

Swimming pool
Lenght: 10 m
Width: 5 m
Depth: 130-160 cm
Temperature: 26-30 C°
Massage pool
Lenght: 4 m
Width: 4 m
Mélység: 70-130 cm
Temperature: 32-36 C°
Kneipp foot bath
Lenght: 3 m
Width: 1 m
Depth: 20 cm
Temperature: 14-20 C°
Plunge pool
Lenght: 1 m
Width: 2 m
Depth: 150 cm
Temperature: 14-20 C°
Finnish sauna
The best known type of sauna. Temperatures around 95 ° C have been shown to have a cleaning effect.
Infra sauna
Infrared rays are very important in boosting the immune system. Temperature: 50 ° C.
Steam cabin
In the steam bath, 100% humidity and a temperature of around 40 °C provide real pleasure in all seasons.
Salt room
Inhaling salt air clears the airways of any pathogens, thereby eliminating the infectious foci.

Our experienced masseurs provide the unique experience of physical and mental refreshment:

It is based on Swedish massage, gives the whole body refreshment, relaxes and relieves muscle tension.

30 minute / 6.390 Ft
60 minute / 8.590 Ft

Relaxing the muscles and joints of the back and relieving tension are particularly effective for office workers and sedentary workers.

30 minute / 6.390 Ft

Prices for non-hotel guests

4 hours

wellness use
4 490
/ person / time


wellness use
5 490
/ person / time

Day Room

For 4 hours wellness
21 900
/ occasion

Use of the wellness is FREE for our guests. Our rate above applies to our guests who do not have a reservation.

Please make an appointment in advance! (email, phone)

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